TurboMax Motor Dyno KL

TurboMax is providing the motor dyno and dyno tuning services in Kuala Lumpur

Motorcycle Dyno KL

Motorcycle dyno is an ideal test to check the on wheel horsepower and torque of the motorcycle.

During the dyno test, the motorcycle will test run on the chassis dyno machine. Hence, the computer can collect the dyno data and generate the real-time result in the graph.

Furthermore, the motor dyno test will help the tuner and workshop to review the motorcycle engine operation.

Quick Motor Dyno Package T1 - RM50

Motor dyno package T1 is offering a quick dyno solution to check the horsepower and torque. This dyno test will complete in 15 to 30 minutes.

Motor Dyno Tuning Package P1 - From RM90

Dyno tuning package P1 is a tuning/remap solution with preset mapping. This tuning will include the dyno test to check the engine performance.

TurboMax Motor Dyno Workshop In Kuala Lumpur

TurboMax is offering the dyno services for motorcycle. Hence, the motor owner will know the horsepower and torque performance after the motor dyno service.

During the dyno process, the motorcycle is running the test on the chassis dyno machine. After the test, the tuner will present the motor dyno result to the motor owner. Generally, the motor dyno result will display the torque and horsepower on the rpm graph.

The motor dyno is an ideal test when the motor has upgraded with the following aftermarket performance parts:

  • Intake Manifold
  • Exhaust Manifold
  • High Compress Piston
  • Piggyback Device
  • Standalone Ecu
  • Throttle Body

Motor Dyno Tuning / Remap

TurboMax is providing motor dyno tuning and remap services in Kuala Lumpur. The tuning and remap services are the solution to tune the motorcycle mapping. As a result, the motor ecu or Piggyback device will have precise and optimum mapping to work with the engine. Hence, the engine will able to make more horsepower and also torque.

During the tuning and ecu remap process, the tuner will tune the mapping in the Piggyback or ecu unit. Generally, the ecu remap and motor dyno tuning is ideal to be carried on when the motorcycle has installed new ecu, Piggyback and aftermarket performance parts.

Motor Piggyback Remap

Piggyback is plug in controller for the motorcycle ecu. After plug in the Piggyback, the Piggyback will receive the data or signal from the motorcycle sensor. Next, the Piggyback will use its own mapping to analyze and manipulate the signal. Then, the motorcycle Piggyback device will send a new set of data to the motor ecu. Hence, the motor ecu will use a new set of data to control the engine operation.

Generally, most of the motor piggyback has a feature to allow the tuner to do motor piggyback remap. Hence, the tuner can carry out the piggyback remap method to fine tune the piggyback mapping. Normally, the tuner will do the motor piggyback remap process on the dyno machine. On the other hand, some piggyback device and the management software has preset mapping. Thus, the tuner can select the preset mapping and do minor dyno tune for the motorcycle.

Motor Ecu Dyno Tuning

The motor ecu dyno tuning is a complicated tuning process. However, the motor ecu dyno tuning will make a very good outcome if the tuner can do it nicely.

Normally, most stock ecu has a digital lock which will not allow the tuner to directly change the mapping. But there are some software and devices will able to unlock the stock ecu for dyno tuning. However, this unlocking method mostly will void the warranty of the motorcycle. Furthermore, most stock ecu does not has much feature for doing highly accurate ecu dyno tuning. Hence, stock motor ecu dyno tuning approach is more suitable for the motor without warranty.

On the other hand, the tuner can do dyno tuning with stand alone ecu. Generally, a standalone ecu with more feature will connect to the motorcycle to replace the stock ecu. Then, the tuner will start to do the standalone motor ecu dyno tuning. After setting a new set of mapping, the motorcycle will able to boost more horsepower and torque. In short, the motor ecu dyno tuning a more higher level of tuning method for power enhancement.

Car Turbo Remap & Tuning

TurboMax is specializing in tuning and doing ecu remap for the turbocharging car. During the remap or dyno tuning process, the tuner will tune to enhance the mapping of the turbocharged engine. Literally, a good mapping will help to unlock the potential performance of the turbocharging engine.

Generally, the turbocharged engine will easily make more power compare to NA engine after remap or dyno tuning. This is because the turbo car remap process will help to enhance the turbo boost to force more air flow into the engine. At the same time, ecu with new mapping will increase the fuel injection. As a result, the engine will has more air and fuel to make more powerful combustion after turbo car remap.