Car Dyno Test Or Chassis Dyno Near Kuala Lumpur

Intro About Car Dyno Test Near Kuala Lumpur

The car dyno test services near Kuala Lumpur generally will test the car on wheel horsepower and torque. Hence, the car owner can know the car actual horsepower and torque after the chassis dyno session.

In Kuala Lumpur, there are chassis dyno service vendor. Generally, this service vendors will have the chassis dynamometer in the workshop or factory. So, the car owner can visit the dyno workshop near Kuala Lumpur to test their car.

How to run a test on chassis dynamometer?

Firstly, car owner will talk to the tuner or dyno services vendor in Kuala Lumpur. During the conversation, the tuner or dyno tester will try to understand the car condition. Additionally, the car owner will also inform the tuner if there are any modification parts.

After understanding the car condition, the car owner can make an appointment with the tuner. Then, the owner will send the car for to the car dyno workshop in Kuala Lumpur.

Before run the chassis dyno, the tuner will drive the car onto the car chassis dynamometer. Next, the tuner or dyno specialist will do all the dyno test setup.

After the setup, the tuner will run the car chassis dyno test. During the test, the car owner and tuner will monitor the horsepower and torque real-time result graph on the monitor.

When the tuner completes the chassis dyno process, the computer will generate the car dyno test result. As a result, the car owner will know the magic figure of the horsepower and torque.

When does the car need chassis dyno service?

Generally, the car can go for a chassis dyno service near Kuala Lumpur after the following process:

  1. Install a new Piggyback Device
  2. Change a new intake manifold.
  3. Install a new exhaust manifold.
  4. Have a new throttle body
  5. Upgrade engine turbo system

The car owner can send the car for a dyno service after upgrading the engine parts. On the other hand, the car should go for a dyno when the car engine is choking and cannot operate smoothly.

What is the price of chassis dyno test in Kuala Lumpur?

The car chassis dyno test in Kuala Lumpur is about RM80 to RM160 per session. For car which need additional setup and configuration, the price of the dyno will be higher.

On the other hand, for a car which only need a quick test, the test should be cheaper. Hence, always contact car dyno workshop in Kuala Lumpur to obtain the info about the car dyno package.

Will the warranty void after doing chassis dyno?

No. Normally the car chassis dyno test will not cause the car warranty to become void. This is because the dyno test will not do any setting on the stock ecu. Additionally, the dyno test specialist will not change any parts of the vehicle. Thus, normal dyno test will not void the vehicle warranty.

How much time is required for a session of chassis dyno test near Kuala Lumpur?

A quick car dyno testing session is about 30 minutes. Some workshop will provide 60 minutes chassis dyno test session. The time length difference is depending on the setup time and number of dyno test cycles.

Is the ecu dyno tuning services and dyno test use the same dyno machine? Yes. The tuner will use the same chassis dyno machine to do dyno tuning and dyno test. Hence, some tuner will provide additional ecu map tuning services after doing the car dyno test.

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