Civic Turbo Ecu Remap Service Near Kuala Lumpur

About Honda Civic Turbo Ecu Remap Service

Honda Civic Turbo ecu remap near Kuala Lumpur is a good solution to enhance the engine performance. Normally, the car manufacturer will input a mapping in the stock ecu for the engine to make 70-80% of power. In other words, the stock ecu setting will lock about 20-30% of the engine power. Hence, the car owner will send to the turbocharging Honda Civic FC for an ecu remap service in Kuala Lumpur.

Introduction of Honda Civic FC with Turbocharging Engine

Honda has launched one Civic FC model with turbo charging engine. This turbocharging Honda Civic FC is the first mass production Civic sedan model which has a turbo system. Additionally, Honda Civic FC has a modern and sleek appearance. Hence, this Honda Civic model is very popular in Malaysia. Thus, we can easily see Honda Civic FC on the road.

The Honda Civic FC turbocharged model has a 1.5 turbocharged engine. Hence, Honda state that this Civic can make about 170 horsepower. Thus, this Honda Civic has enough power to cruise smoothly in the city, urban area and highway.

On the other hand, this Honda 1.5 turbo charge engine has a good potential for engine improvement. Hence, many Civic FC owner will send their car for a Honda Civic turbo ecu remap in Kuala Lumpur.

Type of Turbo Engine Ecu Remap Solution

There are a few Honda Civic Turbo ecu remap solution or options in Kuala Lumpur. The following are the Civic FC turbo ecu remap options:

Civic Piggyback Remap

There are piggyback manufacturers supply Piggyback devices for Turbocharging Civic FC. After install the piggyback device, the tuner will input the mapping into the Piggyback device. As a result, this turbocharged Civic FC will have significant engine power increment.

Normally, there are two type of mapping. Firstly, the piggyback itself will has preset mapping and setting. Secondly, some of the ecu remap tuner in Kuala Lumpur will has custom mapping for certain piggyback. Hence, the Civic FC owner can select the mapping which they like.

Additionally, some ecu remap vendor will provide remap service on the chassis dyno machine. Hence, the tuner can input the mapping into the Piggyback and run dyno test. After several remap and dyno test, the owner can select one mapping which match their requirement.

Stock Ecu Remap Service

Some turbocharging Civic FC owner will send their car to do stock ecu remap services. For stock ecu remap solution, the ecu remap tuner needs to unlock the Civic FC stock ecu. Then, the tuner will reflash the Civic FC stock ecu with new mapping. Thus, the turbocharging engine will generate more torque and horsepower with new map. Normally, stock ecu remap service is not recommended for the car with valid warranty coverage. This is because the warranty will void if Honda detect that the stock ecu is unlock and remap. However, some Civic owner will select stock ecu remap service because this remap cost is lower.

Standalone Ecu Remap Service

Alternatively, some Civic FC owner will select standalone ecu remap service. Firstly, the tuner will install a new standalone ecu in the Civic. Then, the tuner will input a map into the standalone ecu. As a result, the Civic FC turbo engine will operate with new the mapping. Ideally, the standalone ecu will has more function and ability to control the engine. Thus, the Civic 1.5 turbo engine will operate in optimum condition.

The standalone ecu remap service is suitable for the Civic which has aftermarket performance parts. Thus, the tuner will fine tune the mapping of the standalone ecu. Hence, the engine can fully work with the new performance parts to make more power.

The Outcome of Ecu Remap For Turbo Engine

Generally, the Honda Civic Turbo ecu remap will help the turbocharging Civic engine to make more torque and horsepower. This is because ecu remap is a practical upgrade solution for a turbocharging engine.

The tuner can tune the AFR, VE mapping and turbo boost to unlock the performance of the turbo engine. Additionally, the turbocharging Civic FC engine will operate smoother after having an optimum AFR mapping.

Why run dyno test after doing Honda Civic FC Turbo Ecu Remap

Some Civic owner will ask why certain remap service vendor is providing dyno test and remap services together. On the other hand, some remap service workshop will connect the computer and run a quick remap for Civic.

Generally, the tuner will do the Civic remap and dyno test in the same session in order to make better setting. After the remap, the tuner will run the dyno test. By referring the dyno test result, the tuner will know the actual tuning outcome. Hence, some tuner will do minor mapping modification to make the engine to run smoother. Furthermore, the remap and dyno service is a good solution for the owner and tuner. This is because the tuner and Civic owner can select a good mapping by referring the dyno test result.

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