Motor Dyno Tunning In Kuala Lumpur

Introduction About Motor Dyno Tuning

The motor dyno tuning is a process to tune the mapping of the motor ecu. Additionally, the motor dyno tuning is also ideal for tuning the piggyback mapping. In other words, the motor dyno tuning is a process to fine tune the motor mapping on the chassis dyno machine.

The motor dyno tuning is a good solution to fine tune the ecu and piggyback mapping. By implementing motor dyno tuning, the tuner can make precise and optimum mapping for the motorcycle. This is because the motor dyno machine will allow the tuner to repeat tune and test dyno test process until a good mapping is made.

Type of Motor Dyno Tuning Solution

There are a few motor dyno tuning solutions in Kuala Lumpur. Different solution will require different device and will yield different outcome. Hence, the motor owner can select a dyno tuning solution which can match their requirement and motor condition.

Motor Piggyback Dyno Tuning

Piggyback dyno tuning is a popular tuning process for motorcycle. This is because the piggyback dyno tuning cost is low. Additionally, Piggyback dyno tuning is one of the tuning solutions which will not increase the risk of warranty void. Hence, a lot of motorcycle owner will select Piggyback dyno tuning as their first tuning process.

Piggyback dyno tuning is a process where the tuner will tune the mapping in the piggyback. This is because most of the stock ecu does not allow quick mapping reflash or remap process. Hence, Piggyback device will play the role to receive the sensor signal data. Then, the piggyback will read and manipulate the data according to its own mapping. Next, the Piggyback device will send the new data to the ecu. As a result, the motorcycle ecu will receive a new set of data to control the engine air flow, fuel injection and ignition timing.

Generally, Piggyback device will add a top layer engine control solution for the motor engine. Thus, the tuner can input the mapping in the Piggyback without modifying the stock ecu.

Additionally, the Piggyback dyno tuning cost is lower because most Piggyback has preset mapping. Hence, the tuner can use the preset mapping as the base map to tune the motor. Thus, the motor dyno tuning time is shorter compare to other dyno tuning solution. Hence, the Piggyback dyno tuning solution is cheaper.

Motor Ecu Dyno Tuning

Motor ecu dyno tuning is a tuning process to directly tune the actual motor ecu mapping. Hence, the tuner will unlock the ecu and reflash a set of mapping into the ecu. Thus, the ecu will has a new mapping to control the engine operation.

For modern motorcycle ecu, the tuner may need to do chipping reflash to unlock the stock ecu. Hence, some motor ecu dyno tuning is costly compare to Piggyback tuning. Thus, the motor owner can visit several tuning workshop in Kuala Lumpur to understand the detail.

Standalone Ecu Dyno Tuning

Standalone ecu dyno tuning is an idea tuning solution for the motorcycle which has special performance parts. During the standalone ecu dyno tuning, the tuner will has more function and feature to fine tune the mapping. Hence, the standalone ecu will has a set of quality and precise mapping to control the engine. As a result, all the engine performance parts can work together to generate more power and operate smoothly.

Why Do Motor Dyno Tuning on The Chassis Dynamometer or Motor Dyno Machine?

One of the reasons to do motorcycle dyno tuning on the chassis dyno machine because the tuner can dyno test the engine performance immediately after tune the mapping. Thus, the tuner is able to repeat the tune and dyno process to fine tune the map. As a result, the new set of mapping will be more precise and accurate.

On the other hand, it is safer to do tuning on chassis motor dyno machine. If there is no dyno machine, the tuner and rider need to test the mapping on the real road. Obviously, it is danger for the rider to do real road testing because the motor will be very fast when the rpm is max. Hence, most motor mapping tuner will do tuning on the chassis dyno machine.

Is that possible to do motor tuning on the road?

Yes. It is possible to tune the motor and run the test on the road. However, real road tuning and testing process is danger. Hence, do not do real road test if there is a safer method to do more precise tuning.

The process of Motor Dyno Tuning in Kuala Lumpur

Firstly, the tuner and the motor owner will have a conversation. During the conversation, the motor owner will share their requirement and hope. On the other hand, the tuner will explain the setting and also understand the motor condition. After the conversation, the tuner and motor owner will set a time for doing motor dyno tuning in Kuala Lumpur.

During the dyno tuning session, the tuner will park the motorcycle on the chassis dynamometer. Then, the tuner will carry on the dyno tuning setup process. Before tune the motor, the tuner will do a dyno test. Next, the tuner will start to fine tune the mapping by using the motor tuning software. After testing and finalize the map, the tuner will let the motor owner know the performance result of the motor.

Motor Dyno Tuning Vs Piggyback or Ecu Remap With Preset Mapping

Motor dyno tuning is a solution to generate a new set of customized mapping for the motor. Hence, the tuner is able to input a more precise mapping for the motorcycle. As a result, the motorcycle engine can generate more power with customized personality.

On the other hand, ecu remap or piggyback remap with preset mapping is quick remap solution. Hence, the cost of the preset mapping remap solution is lower and affordable. Additionally, the preset mapping is a good option for the motorcycle with stock parts and setting.

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