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Motor dyno workshop in Kuala Lumpur. Furthermore, TurboMax is providing dyno tuning, and ecu remap services.

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    Welcome To TurboMax Dyno

    TurboMax is motor dyno workshop in Kuala Lumpur which providing motor dyno services. Additionally, TurboMax is specialist in motorcycle dyno tuning and ecu mapping. Furthermore, TurboMax is also offering car ecu remap services. Thus, please send us a WhatsApp message or call us anytime. Hence, we provide some information and also offer some solution after a good conversation. Have a nice day.

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    We will try to provide the reference info as below:

    • Motor Dyno
    • Motorcycle Dyno Tuning
    • Ecu Remap
    • Piggyback Remap
    • Turbo Engine Dyno Tuning
    • Turbo Engine Remap

    Motor Dyno Workshop

    TurboMax is specialized in providing motor dyno services. Thus, the motor owner can send their motor to motor dyno workshop in order to do dyno test. Hence, motor dyno workshop will test the motor on the chassis dynamometer. As a result, the motorcycle dyno machine will check the motor on wheel performance. After the motor dyno test, TurboMax tuner will let the motor owner know the result which will show the horsepower and torque figure.

    Info About ECU Remap

    Please don’t hesitate to contact motor dyno workshop if you wish to know about ECU mapping, ECU tuning and ECU remap. Hence, we can explain the process, difference, pro and cons about the Ecu mapping, dyno tuning and remap.

    Difference tuning method will yield different result and require different cost. After the explanation, the motor and car owner will know what kind of Ecu upgrade is more suitable for your machine.

    Talk To Us - Motor Dyno Workshop

    Always talk to us if you wish to know more about Ecu tuning, car dyno and motorcycle dyno. Furthermore, please contact TurboMax if you wish to know more about car turbo. Hence, we will be able to provide more information to assist you. Thus, you will obtain more information about car dyno, motorcycle dyno tuning and turbocharging system. As a result, you can select any service which can match your requirement. 

    TurboMax Motor Dyno Workshop And Tuning Solution

    Check The Info About Turbo

    Yes, please contact us and talk to us if you wish to know more about car turbo system. Thus, TurboMax can explain more about the car turbocharging system. Additionally, TurboMax can also provide the information about how to tune the turbocharged engine.

    For car owner who like turbocharge, please contact TurboMax. Hence, TurboMax can provide detail information about how to setup the turbo charging system for car engine. Furthermore, TurboMax will also try to let the car owner know the car turbo dyno tuning solution. At the same time, the car owner can also obtain supporting information about ECU Chip, Piggyback and standalone ECU. Hence, we can learn with each other to improve our knowledge about turbocharging engine.