Motor Ecu Remap In Kuala Lumpur

About Motor ECU Remap

The motor ecu remap in Kuala Lumpur is a practical service to upgrade the motor engine performance. Thus, the motor engine will output more horsepower and torque after ecu remap.

Motor ecu remap is a practical and quick solution to enhance the performance of the motorcycle. Hence, this ecu remap service is popular among motorcycle owners.

What is motor ecu remap?

The motor ecu remap is a process to change the mapping of the engine control. In detail, the mapping is a setting for the ecu to control the air flow, fuel injection and ignition timing of the engine.

Hence, the tuner will reflash or input a new mapping into the ecu or piggyback. Then, the ecu or piggyback will use this mapping to control the engine. Normally, the stock ecu mapping will make the engine to operate with 70-80% of actual performance. Thus, the new mapping will try to unlock the performance limit. As a result, the motor engine will make more power and torque.

Type of motor ecu remap services in Kuala Lumpur

There are several motor ecu remap services in Kuala Lumpur. The following is the ecu remap options:

  • Piggyback Remap
  • Standalone ECU Remap
  • Stock ECU Remap

Piggyback Remap

Piggyback is a controller device which will connect with the ecu. Then, the piggyback device will receive the signal from the sensor. Hence, the piggyback will manipulate the sensor signal data and send to the ecu. As a result, the ecu will receive the new data and control the engine operation timing.

Motorcycle Piggyback remap is a popular engine remap solution. This is because the tuner can tune piggyback without modifying the stock ecu mapping. Thus, the stock ecu will still keep the original mapping to avoid warranty void.

On the other hand, some Piggyback allow the motor owner to change the preset mapping by using mobile app. Hence, the owners can do some Piggyback setting by themselves with their own knowledge.

Standalone Motor Ecu Remap

Standalone ecu remap is a more advance remap solution. Firstly, the tuner will install a standalone ecu in the motorcycle. Then, the tuner will tune the mapping in the motor standalone ecu. The motor standalone ecu allow the tuner to do more setting compare to piggyback device. Hence, the standalone ecu remap solution will have more potential to unlock the power of the engine.

Stock Ecu Remap

The stock ecu remap is another method to change the mapping. Generally, the tuner will directly modify the mapping of the stock ecu in order to enhance the engine power.

The motor stock ecu remap process is one of the cheaper ecu remap solutions. This is because the motorcycle do not need additional parts such as standalone ecu or piggyback. However, the stock ecu remap will cause the motor warranty to become void.

Hence, always talk to the tuner and study the warranty terms before doing stock ecu remap.

How to do motor ecu remap in Kuala Lumpur

Firstly, the motor owner can visit a few motor ecu remap workshop in Kuala Lumpur. On the other hand, the motor owner can also talk with friends who has been doing ecu remap. Then, the motor owner can select a motor ecu remap service which is suitable for requirement.

Next, the motor owner will send the motor to the ecu remap workshop in Kuala Lumpur. After reviewing the motor engine operation condition, the tuner will setup the motor for remap. For certain remap service, the tuner will do remap on the motor dyno machine.

After the setup process, the tuner will use the computer to remap the mapping. As a result, the motorcycle will has a new mapping.

The cost of doing motor ecu remap in Kuala Lumpur

The estimate motor ecu remap cost in Kuala Lumpur is as below:

Preset Mapping: RM100-180

Dyno tuning (Customized mapping): RM150-260 per session

Will the motor run faster after doing a motor ecu remap service?

Theoretically Yes. The motor ecu remap will help to make the motor to run faster. However, the performance of the engine will always depend on the mapping and engine parts.

Why motor need a motor ecu remap service in Kuala Lumpur?

The motor needs ecu remap when the motor has new aftermarket performance part. Hence, the tuner will do a ecu remap to make the ecu, engine and aftermarket part to work in optimum condition.

On the other hand, the motor owner will send the motor for an ecu remap service in Kuala Lumpur. This is because the motor owner wishes to enhance the engine performance. Besides, some owner will request ecu remap to make the engine to operate smoothly.

How to know the engine performance improvement after doing motor ecu remap?

Generally, the motor requires a dyno test before doing ecu remap. Then, the motor will go for another dyno test after doing the motor ecu remap in Kuala Lumpur. Hence, the tuner and motor owner can compare the dyno result to review the motor performance differences.

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