Motorcycle Piggyback Remap

Intro About Motor Piggyback Remap

TurboMax is providing motorcycle piggyback remap services. This piggyback remap services is ideal for the motor owner who wish to fine tune the piggyback device. Hence, the piggyback will have an optimized mapping to control the motor engine operation.

If wish to know more about motorcycle piggyback remap service, please contact TurboMax. Always feel free to WhatsApp or Call us directly. Hence, TurboMax can provide you some detail and information about Piggyback remap.

Piggyback remap is a cost effective way to upgrade and enhance the motor engine performance.

What is Motor Piggyback Controller?

Piggyback is an electronic controller for enhancing the motorcycle ecu function and operation. Thus, we will connect the piggyback with the ecu via OBD or other custom interface. Then, the piggyback and ecu will be able to work together.

Generally, the piggyback will help the ecu to control the motorcycle engine in a more effective way. Additionally, Piggyback will allow the tuner to add a new map to tune the fuel injection, air flow and spark timing. As a result, the motorcycle engine can work with a different personality.

Furthermore, Piggyback is one of the add-on devices which make the ecu to work with new aftermarket parts. This is because the ecu is tune to work with the original parts. After the motorcycle has a new intake, exhaust or throttle body, the ecu may not know how to work with them. Hence, the tuner will install the Piggyback to assist the ecu to work with the new parts.

In details, the Piggyback will receive the feedback data from the sensors. Then, the piggyback will manipulate the data and send to the ecu. Hence, the ecu will use the manipulate data to control the engine.

Advantages Of Piggyback

Firstly, the Piggyback device is cheaper compare to the standalone performance ecu. Yet, the Piggyback will still allow the tuner to do certain setting to optimize the ecu function.

Furthermore, most of the Piggyback will reduce the risk of the motorcycle warranty void. This is because the tuner do not need to do any setting or modification in the stock ecu.

Type of Motor Piggyback Remap Services

There are two type of motorcycle piggyback remap services. Thus, different piggyback remap services will yield different outcome and require different cost. Hence, the motorcycle owner can select a remap services which match their requirement. The following are the types of motor piggyback remap services:

Motor ECU Reflash with New Preset Mapping

Generally, most of the Piggyback device will have preset mappings. Hence, the tuner or piggyback installer can directly select the mapping and flash into the Piggyback memory. Thus, the Piggyback has a preset mapping to communication with the motorcycle ecu.

This preset map flashing method is suitable for the motorcycle which still has original or stock parts. This is because the map maker make the map base on the original parts.

Piggyback Dyno Tunning

On the other hand, some Piggyback controller has custom mapping tuning feature. Thus, the tuner can do Piggyback remap by using motorcycle dyno tuning approach.

The Piggyback dyno tuning method is an ideal remap solution when the motorcycle engine has new performance parts. When the motor engine has new parts, the preset mapping may not suitable to work with the new parts. Hence, the tuner needs to tune the Piggyback mapping manually to make the ecu to work with the new parts.

The dyno tunning is a more effective solution to make the Piggyback and Ecu work together. This is because motor dyno tuning will allow tuner to tune and make a more customized mapping.

Motor Piggyback Remap Price and Cost

The motorcycle piggyback remap price is about RM80 to RM150 for preset map reflash services. On the other hand, there are 3rd party mapping supplier. Hence, the motor owner can buy those mapping and flash into the Piggyback.

On the other hand, the Motorcycle Piggyback dyno tuning is about RM130 to RM200 per session. Generally, the price is different depend on the Piggyback set, Motorcycle, Parts and dyno time.

Summary of Motorcycle Piggyback Remap Price (per session):

Motorcycle Piggyback Remap with Preset Mapping: RM 80 – 150

Piggyback Remap Via Dyno Tuning: RM130 to RM200

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