Myvi Turbo Kit Vs YRV Turbo K3-VET Engine Swap

Info About Turbo Charge Perodua Myvi

In order to add a turbo charge system for Perodua Myvi, there are two popular solution as below:

  • Myvi Turbo kit installation ( Bolt on turbo )
  • YRV Turbo Engine Swap

Both solutions are quite mature nowadays, hence Myvi owner can consider which solution suit their need. Generally, both turbo kit and Daihatsu YRV Turbo engine swap solutions are having the pro and cons. In other words, not all the solution are perfect without any downside. Thus, Perodua Myvi owner can talk with the workshop to understand more information about the turbo charge method.

What Is Myvi Turbo Kit

Turbo kit is a set of mechanical parts, piping and hose which will build up the turbo charge system for Myvi engine. In other words, turbo kit are the parts which will function and operate together to turbo charge Myvi engine. As a result, Myvi engine will convert from NA engine to become a turbo charge engine. Thus, Myvi engine will have certain level of performance enhancement because the horsepower will increase after having the turbo system.

Reference About K3-VET Engine Swap

The K3-VET engine is an turbo charge engine which can be found inside Daihatsu YRV Turbo. Generally, Daihatsu K3-VET engine is sharing a lot of similarities with Myvi K3-VE engine except having an turbo system. In other words, the engine swap process to install the K3-VET engine into Myvi which has K3-VE engine is having lower difficulty. Thus, YRV K3-VET turbo engine is a popular engine selection for Myvi engine swap project.

As an reference info, K3-VET engine is an turbo engine which can make 140hp and have 177Nm. Thus, this turbo engine can enhance the driving experience of a light weight hatchback. This is because a car such as Myvi which has around 1000kg will able to accelerate faster and cruise smoothly. Furthermore, a good K3-VET engine is having good durability for daily drive. Thus, Myvi owner will prefer to swap a K3-VET engine into their Myvi instead of using a turbo kit solution.

Comparison In Between YRV Turbo Swap And Myvi Turbo Kit

The YRV Turbo swap solution and Myvi turbo kit solution have pro and cons. In other words, YRV Turbo swap and Myvi turbo kit will have different outcome and performance enhancement. On the other hand, the installation method, time frame and cost are also not the same. So, the car workshop and Myvi owner will compare the difference in between two solution base on the criteria as below.

The Cost of Myvi Turbo Kit And YRV K3-VET Turbo Engine Swap

Different Myvi turbocharge solutions, package and method will have different cost and price range. This is because the different solution will require different parts. Furthermore, different parts will have different level of installation and tuning difficulty. Thus, the labor charge will also not at the same level. So, the cost differences and price range in between YRV Turbo engine swap solution and Myvi turbo kit are huge.

Furthermore, YRV turbo half cut is not easy to get nowadays. Thus, certain YRV turbo half cut is pricey if the condition is good and the completeness level is high. On the other hand, some Myvi turbo kit is having lower price range if most of the parts are the combination of OEM set. While certain Myvi turbo kit which has high performance parts will certainly has high price range. This is because some performance parts such as HKC turbo is very pricy. However, the outcome will be better after the tuning process.


Nowadays, YRV turbo half cut is quite limited in the market. This is because Daihatsu has stopped supplying YRV turbo for quite a long time. Hence, the availability of YRV turbo half cut unit is quite low no matter in Japan and local market.

On the other hand, the Myvi turbo kit is easier to be found in the market nowadays. This is because Myvi has the piston engine which is popular. Hence, there are more parts which is suitable for turbo charge Perodua Myvi piston engine. In other words, Myvi owner has more parts selection. So, they has the flexibility to select the parts which they prefer to use for turbocharging their Myvi engine. 

Stability And Durability of Myvi Turbo Kit And YRV K3-VET Engine

When modifying the car engine, stability and durability are important factor when doing tuning and parts selection. Hence, many Myvi owner will still try their best to look for YRV Turbo half cut. This is because they believe that YRV turbo engine is having good stability because of having well tuning by Daihatsu. Furthermore, most of Myvi owner who like YRV turbo engine because they think that those YRV parts are more durable. Thus, the Myvi will become more stable and suitable for daily drive even after swapping in the YRV turbo engine.

On the other hand, the workshop need to be more professional and having more experience when doing turbo kit recipe. In other words, the workshop need to know which parts combination are able to to maintain or enhance the stability of the turbocharged engine. This is because it is to increase the horsepower of the piston engine. But it require fine tuning and good parts combination to make sure the turbocharged engine is having good durability and stability. Hence, Myvi owner need to communication and review the workshop ability before starting the turbo kit installation project.

Custom Parts Combination And Performance Enhancement

Some Myvi owner prefer several custom solution to fine tune and modify their turbo system and engine. Generally, both YRV turbo engine swap and Myvi turbo kit solution are having certain level of flexibility for custom solution. As an example, original YRV turbo engine manifold and turbo kit manifold are good for having new turbo turbine. Furthermore, it is possible to change the exhaust pipe and intake pipe design for better flow. Nevertheless, both solution is good to have new standalone ECU or piggyback for better mapping tuning features. In shorts, the Myvi owner can select the custom parts and solution for better enhancement and drivability.

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