Perodua Myvi Compressor Price List – Denso, SWJ and Recon

How To Get Perodua Myvi Compressor Price List

Generally, the workshop will prepare and offer the Perodua Myvi compressor price list and also selection list for the car owner. Hence, Myvi owner and also Alza owner can contact the workshop for more info about the aircon compressor price list.

While communicating with the workshop, the mechanic will try to understand the info of the car and aircon problem. Next, the workshop will try to guide Myvi owner to select the AC compressor from the price list.

Next, the Myvi owner can easily compare the price and cost of replacing the malfunction AC compressor. Besides, Myvi owner and user can also compare the price and service pack of different workshop. So, Myvi owner can select the part and workshop base on their preference by reviewing the info and listing.

Intro About Perodua Myvi Aircon AC Compressor

Perodua Myvi car aircon system the compressor for compressing the refrigerant and enhance the heat releasing efficiency. Thus, the refrigerant will release the heat away from the condenser and flow back into the cooling coil. So, the refrigerant will become cold again and help the aircon blower to blow cool wind into the cabin.

As a reference info, there are several Myvi and Alza aircon compressor manufacturer and supplier. Hence, Myvi owner can select the compressor such as:

  • SWJ AC Compressor
  • Denso Ori Compressor
  • Recon Compressor
  • OEM No-brand Compressor ( Similar specification and mounting )

Function of The AC Compressing Device

Generally, most of the Perodua Myvi generation 2 and above are using piston aircon compressor. When the clutch activate the compressor operation, the piston will function to compress the refrigerant. Hence, the refrigerant gas pressure of the aircon high side section will increase to the operating range. So, the refrigerant temperature will increase and able to release the heat effectively in the AC condenser. Thus, the heat content of the refrigerant gas will reduce after flowing out from the condenser.  While the refrigerant gas pass through the expansion will arrive the cooling coil, the gas pressure will reduce and become cold again. Lastly, the blower wind which flow through the cooling coil will become cool and able to reduce the car cabin temperature.

Malfunction Car Aircon Compressing Device Symptom

Perodua Myvi aircon system will have the following symptom if the compressing device fail to function.

  • Aircon blower does not blow cold wind
  • The compressing device is making abnormal noise
  • Clutch does not able to function properly
  • There are leakage marking on the compressor cover or joining part
  • Aircon wind is hot when the car is at idle stage
  • AC High pressure sector will have lower pressure than normal

If Myvi Aircon have the symptom as stated above, feel free to talk with the car AC repair mechanic for more info. Furthermore, Myvi owners can also send their Myvi to the car aircon repair workshop to do further inspection and troubleshoot.

AC Compressor Troubleshoot Method

Commonly, the car aircon workshop will check the AC compressor clutch operating condition if suspect the compressor is malfunction. This is because most of the compressor problem is caused by the clutch failure.

Next, the workshop will use the gauge meter to check the high side and also low side pressure. Generally, the high side pressure and low side pressure value will indicate a lot of the info and sign of the aircon problem. Commonly, weak compressor will cause the high side section to have lower pressure range. This is because weak Perodua Myvi compressor is not able to compress the refrigerant gas effectively.

Lastly, the workshop will review the appearance of the compressor structure and its operating noise. As a reference info, compressor will have oil leak problem and cause it cannot perform nicely. On the other hand, the bearing and shaft of the compressor will degrade after a period time. If the bearing or shaft is not in good condition, compressor will make abnormal noise and the compressing efficiency will reduce.

After finalizing the cause of the problem, Myvi owner and the workshop can communicate further to select a solution. At the same time, the workshop will provide the Perodua Myvi aircon compressor price list for the car owner to do selection. If both party have agreed with the solution quotation, the workshop will start the fix and repair process.

How To Maintain Perodua Myvi Aircon AC Compressor

Maintenance can effectively prolong the lifespan of Perodua Myvi aircon compressor and maintain its performance. As a reference info, car AC compressing unit will require enough PAG oil to operate smoothly without additional resistance force. Furthermore, PAG oil will prevent the compressing piston from overheating issue and bad sliding problem. Hence, regular aircon maintenance service will refill the refrigerant gas and PAG oil into the AC system. So, the compressor will has sufficient PAG oil to lubricate the operating part and allow all the mechanical part to move smoothly. 

Myvi Compressor Replace And Install Services

The car aircon repair workshop will provide professional compressor replace and install services for Myvi. After selecting the compressor from Myvi compressor price list, the workshop will prepare a quotation. Next, the mechanic will start the compressor unmounting process if the Myvi owner has accepted the quote and proposal.

Before remove the car AC compressing unit, the AC system need to free of refrigerant gas. After flushing the refrigerant, the mechanic will remove the belt from the pulley. Next, the mechanic will continue to disconnect the ac pipe and unmount the compressor from the engine. Then, the mechanic will install the new compressor which is selected by the Perodua Myvi from the price list.

After completing the new compressor installation process, the workshop will use the vacuum pump to remove the moist. Then, the workshop will let the AC system to stay at the vacuum stage for a period of time. Next, the car aircon repair workshop will check the gauge meter vacuum reading. If the vacuum value does not change, the installation process is identified as completed and the AC does not have leakage issue. Lastly, the workshop will refill the refrigerant gas and check the operation condition of the AC.

Perodua Myvi Compressor Selection And Price List

Nowadays, Perodua Myvi aircon system has several compressor selections. Hence, the workshop will prepare the compressor selection and price list for Perodua Myvi owner as reference. So, Perodua Myvi owner can easily select the compressor base on their budget and brand preference.

How To Select The AC Compressor For Perodua Myvi?

Generally, different compressors from different manufacturers and sources will have difference price, quality and durability. Hence, Perodua Myvi owner has the flexibility to select the aircon compressing unit base on the requirement and budget.

If facing difficulty while doing the selection, please feel free to talk with the mechanic who is professional and helpful. So, the mechanic will share the experience and offer the assisting solution to select the compressor.

Why SWJ Perodua Myvi Compressor Is Having Good Demand?

When reviewing the Myvi compressor price list, we will notice the existing of the SWJ Myvi compressor in list. As a reference info, many Myvi owners will select or demand for SWJ compressor. This is because SWJ is having good reputation in the aircon spare part supply industry. So, many Myvi owner and workshop are quite confidence with the quality and durability of the SWJ AC compressing device. Additionally, the functionally and ability of SWJ compressing device is quite similar with Denso original part. Furthermore, the price of SWJ Myvi AC compressor is lower. As a result, SWJ AC spare part is having a lot of demand.

Why Myvi Owner Will Select The Recon Compressor As The Replacement Part?

On the other hand, Myvi recon compressor is also having good demand in the car ac repair sector. The main reason is the price is significantly lower when compare to new Denso original part. Besides, recon part is also much cheaper when compare to OEM and also SWJ AC part. Nevertheless, some recon compressor is actual Denso original refurbished compressor. So, many Perodua Myvi and Alza owner will consider recon compressor when reviewing the part selection in price list.

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