Will car ecu remap make the car to gain more horsepower?

Ideally, Yes. Car ecu remap will make the car to have more horsepower and torque.

In the practical world, the ecu remap will not guarantee that the engine will 100% gain more power. This is because the ecu remap result is depending on the engine parts. Thus, not all engine will have significant engine power increasement after going through the car ecu remap.

Generally, remap solution is ideal for making the home use sedan car to run smoothly. On the other hand, the remap will help to make turbocharging car to have better power output.

Doing Ecu Remap for Home Use Car

Firstly, the home use car such as Myvi, Vios, City, Elantra, Almera, Exora, etc has the setting to maintain ease of daily drive. Additionally, most of the home use car is having the NA engine parts which will reduce fuel consumption. Thus, implementing car ecu remap to increase the engine power is just like asking these cars to work in another way. Hence, not all home use daily drive car will gain more horsepower after doing remap.

For home use fuel economic car, the car ecu remap is focusing on making better drive band. In other words, the tuner will input a map which will make the car to has smoother torque output. Hence, the driver will feel the car accelerate smoother. Additionally, the gear shifting process not matter manually or automatically will have lesser staging power loss. Technically, the car ecu tuner will tune the air fuel ratio ( AFR ) at different load and rpm to make the engine operate smoothly.

As a result, the car ecu remap will make the daily use fuel economic car to cruise smoothly and comfortably. Furthermore, new ecu map will make the fuel consumption to become much lower.

Home Use Car with Turbocharge Engine

Nowadays, there are many car manufacturers sell daily use car which have a turbocharged engine. Hence, there are turbocharged X50, Almera, Civic and Ativa in Malaysia.

Car ecu remap will help the turbocharged daily use sedan car to make more power. In other words, remap will have better result if the car is powered by turbocharged engine. This is because turbocharged engine will have significant power increasement after the ecu remap increase the turbo boost.

Doing Ecu Remap for Turbocharging Car

Car ecu remap is ideal for making the turbocharging car engine to make more power. Compare to NA engine, turbocharging engine will yield more significant power incensement after ecu remap.

Generally, the engine needs more air input and fuel injection to make more power. On the other hand, the turbo system is a practical solution to force more air into the engine. Thus, the ecu can inject more fuel into the engine to mix with the air for combustion and generate power.

How the remap method make the engine generate more power?

Normally, the car manufacturer will reserve around 15% to 25% of the car performance. In other words, the stock ecu mapping will not make the car engine to output maximum power. This is because the stock ecu mapping will make the engine to operate in lean condition. Hence, the fuel consumption will be lower. Additionally, the engine life span and reliability will be better when the engine cannot make maximum power.

As a result, we can do car ecu remap to unlock the performance of the turbocharging engine. During the remap process, the tuner will input a set of new mapping. This mapping will make the turbocharging engine to generate more horsepower and torque.


The car ecu remap is a practical and faster way to make the car to generate more horsepower. However, NA engine and turbo engine will two different outcomes after doing ecu remap. The following is a quick summary about the outcome of ecu remap:

NA Engine:

3-7% engine power increment. Engine will tend to operate smoother with better fuel consumption

Turbocharging Engine:

15-25% power increment. The engine will run in rich condition. Hence, the engine will consume more fuel at high rpm. But the driver will enjoy the driving experience with more horsepower and torque.

Be Caution About Car Ecu Remap

If possible, try to avoid to use any mapping which stating that it can help the engine to make 40-50% more power. This is because in real world, there is no such mapping. Generally, for 1000 to 3000cc engine, it is impossible to make 50% more power without changing any engine parts.

Thus, always be caution with this kind of mapping. Basically, this type of mapping will over boost the turbocharge in order to make more power. As a result, the engine will damage easily when the boost is over the limit. Hence, before going for a car ecu remap, you can talk with friends or tuner to obtain more information. Additionally, Google the remap info for your model before going for a quick remap services.

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