Will Motor Piggyback Remap Change Stock Ecu Mapping?

No. Normally motor piggyback remap will not change the stock ecu map. This is because the piggyback device will store the new mapping in its own memory. Hence, the new mapping after motor piggyback remap will not store in the stock ecu. Thus, the stock ecu will still keep its own original mapping.

What is Motor Piggyback?

Motor piggyback device is an add-on controller unit which is connecting with the stock ecu. Generally, the Piggyback is a microcontroller which will add certain feature to enhance the function of the ecu. Hence, the tuner is able to use the Piggyback mapping to improve the motor ecu engine control ability.

What Piggyback can not do with the stock ecu?

The motorcycle Piggyback cannot ask the stock ecu to do the task that the ecu is totally cannot do. For example, if the stock ecu cannot change the cam angle, the Piggyback can not do that as well. In other words, even the motor has a Piggyback, the Piggyback cannot force the stock ecu to change the cam angle.

Generally, the Piggyback is good for fine tune the air flow, fuel injection and ignition timing. On the other hand, Piggyback cannot do the things that the motor ecu has no ability to do.

Why install Piggyback device and also do motor Piggyback remap?

This is because the tuner do not need to directly change the motor ecu mapping.

In other words, the tuner will do motor Piggyback remap to enhance the motor ecu function. However, the new mapping is not directly installed or reflash into the stock ecu.

As a result, the stock ecu will keep its original setting and mapping. But the engine can operate with different air flow, fuel injection and ignition timing. This is because the tuner will do motor Piggyback remap and set the new mapping in the Piggyback.

How the motor Piggyback and Stock Ecu Work Together?

The motor Piggyback will play the role to receive the data or signal from the sensor of the engine. Then, the Piggyback will manipulate the data according to the map. Next, the Piggyback will send the new data to the stock ecu. Hence, the stock ecu will use the new data to control the operation of the engine.

In other words, the Piggyback is playing the role to analyze the sensor signal. Then, the Piggyback will send a new batch of data to the motor ecu. Hence, the engine operation timing will be enhanced or set with new personality.

How to do Motor Piggyback Remap?

Generally, there are two main type of motor piggyback remap solution.

Firstly, the motor owner can select the preset mapping solution. By implementing preset mapping, the motorcycle owner can easily let the engine to operate with new mapping from the Piggyback. Normally, the Piggyback will come with some preset mapping. At the same time, some motor piggyback remap service vendor has preset mapping library. Hence, the tuner can easily input the preset mapping via motor piggyback remap process. Besides, some Piggyback device has a supporting app for the owner. Thus, the motor owner can easily change the preset mapping by using mobile app.

On the other hand, the tuner can do motor piggyback remap and input a customized mapping. Generally, the tuner will make the customized mapping base on the experience and dyno test result. Thus, the motorcycle piggyback device will have a more optimized mapping and setting.

Why Dyno Tuning the Motorcycle Piggyback Mapping without modifying stock ecu mapping?

The main reason is because this method will allow the stock ecu to keep the original setting and mapping. Hence, the tuner will only do dyno tuning to optimize the motorcycle piggyback mapping. Then, the Piggyback will communication with the stock ecu with new data. As a result, the motorcycle will keep the stock ecu setting while operating with a fine tune mapping in Piggyback.

Will the Piggyback remap void the motorcycle warranty? No. Normally the motor piggyback remap will not require any modification on the stock ecu and parts. This is because the Piggyback will store the new mapping and setting in its own memory. Hence, the motor stock ecu will reserve the original setting and mapping. However, it is good for the motor owner to understand the specific motor warranty terms before doing any upgrade.

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