X50 Ecu Remap Service Near Kuala Lumpur For Turbo Engine Enhancement

Turbomax Proton X50 turbo engine ECU remap service

Info About X50 Ecu Remap Service Near Kuala Lumpur

X50 Ecu remap service is an effective solution to enhance the performance of the X50 turbo engine. Thus, Turbomax car tuning workshop is offering X50 ecu remap service pack near Kuala Lumpur. Hence, X50 owners will has another alternative options and remap package when wishing to improve the X50.

As a reference info, there are several method to remap or tune the ecu mapping of the Proton X50. Thus, the X50 owner can communicate with several car tuners to understand the info in detail. This is because different method will yield different outcome and cause different consequences. Nevertheless, different remap method and tuning workshop will have different charging rate and overall cost. So, X50 owner can review and compare the remap package before selecting the workshop and package.

Introduction About Proton X50 And Turbo Engine

Proton X50 is popular crossover SUV which is launched by Proton 2 years ago. Nowadays, X50 has successfully gain a market share in the cross-over SUV market share in Malaysia. This is because Proton has offer a lot of attractive feature with their X50 feature. Furthermore, the selling price of the Proton X50 is relatively attractive when comparing the options given. Additionally, X50 is having a turbocharge engine which has a lot of enhancement potential. So, many people from different category and community wish to own the X50.

As a reference info, Proton has launched different X50 model with different feature and power output. Thus, we will find out that standard, executive and premium model can make around 150 horsepower. While the X50 flagship model has a different ecu setting which can make around 170 horsepower. So, some X50 owner which is not buying flagship model will demand for remap services.

The Outcome Car Ecu Remap

Generally, car ecu remap is a solution to change the ecu mapping. Thus, the ecu will use the new mapping to control the air flow, air fuel mixture and ignition timing. As the same time, the new ecu mapping can control the turbo pressure in order to push more air via the intake. At the result, the engine will receive more air to mix with more fuel to make a more powerful combustion. In other words, remap will help the turbo engine to receive more air and fuel to generate more horsepower and torque.

Why X50 owner demand for remap or map tuning service?

Geely just like the other car manufacturer is using the under-tune method to downgrade the engine performance. This is because most of the car manufacturers does not want to maximize the engine power when making stock mapping. Literally, the lifespan of the engine will reduce if the engine is operating in maximum output setting.

Hence, this will open a space for the tuner to help certain car owner to unlock the car performance via ecu remap method. Generally, remap or manipulate mapping data with good setting will help to boost additionally 10-20% turbo engine power. Thus, some X50 owners wish the ecu remap service can effectively help to enhance the turbo engine performance.

How To Find And Select Ecu Remap Package?

In the car tuning industry, there are many ecu remap package, solution and also method. Thus, the car owner should find a remap solution which is good for their car. Generally, different car ecu remap method and package will have different outcome.

As a reference info, X50 owner should find a ecu remap service which will increase the risk of warranty void. This is because new X50 has very good warranty protection. Thus, most of the X50 does not want to cause warranty void due to stock ecu mapping reflash process.

Literally, some ecu remap package is including the solution to restore the stock ecu mapping. However, not all the stock ecu mapping restore process can go on smoothly. Thus, some X50 owners will prefer to use the plug and play piggyback unit to enhance the ecu mapping.

Piggyback Map Tuning Solution For X50 Turbo Engine

The piggyback is an add-on controller which will play the role to manipulate the sensor signal. Generally, the piggyback will receive the sensor signal and change the signal according to the setting. Then, a set of manipulate signal data will send into the ecu. As a result, the ecu will receive the new signal to control the X50 turbo engine. As a reference info, the piggyback will change the sensor signal to trick the stock ecu. Hence, the stock ecu will try to allow more air and fuel flow into the engine. As a result, X50 turbo engine will able to make more horsepower and torque.

Stock Ecu Map Reflash Or Remap Method

The X50 stock ecu map reflash or remap service will replace the stock mapping with a new mapping. Generally, there are several method to unlock or even hack the stock ecu. As a reference info, some tuner will use additional chip to hack the ecu and input a new set of mapping. So, the stock ecu will has a new mapping to allow the turbo engine to operate with more aggressive setting. However, X50 stock ecu direct remap method is not a recommended solution for new X50. This is because this method will increase the risk of warranty void. Furthermore, bad chipping process will brick or damage the stock ecu.